Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chapter One Complete

Well, I am finally getting back in the groove of things. The kids are back in school. At last the mountains of work on my desk are diminishing. And the yearning to get back to Nuadaim is growing strong.

This morning I completed what I am going to consider the final edits to chapter one. I received several really good critiques from my crit circle. And I ran the chapter through many times. I am quite confident that it is the best I can do, at the moment.

My goal is to have all chapters, and edits done by the end of the year. Then have a couple of beta readers read and give feedback. All with the goal of saying by my birthday at the end of March that Crimson Swarm is complete.

Then of course comes the hard work of trying to find an agent.

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witchofbreithla said...

Congratulations! Feels good, doesn't it? (Even if it's just one chapter. I'd be thrilled if I considered the first chapter of Witches finished.) Good luck with the rest. I know you'll hit that deadline.