Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm a real writer now!

I've finally achieved something that up until now I've only read about. I received my first rejection letter from an agent. Okay, I will admit that I was a bit disappointed, but honestly only a little. As I said previously I had very, very low expectations that I would land an agent this easily. I'm excited that I did get an agent to request pages on my first try, so I'm still pretty pumped.

I am still going to proceed with getting Noah Zarc finalized, and then I'm going to start sending it out in earnest. So for all my beta readers out there, if you can get your thoughts back to me, I'm ready to go.


Pym said...

Keep plugging at it! But wow, rejection letter. Just think, most people out there who write never get one at all... because they never submit their work. :)

Tamara Morning said...

Well, congratulations on at least getting your feet wet. It feels good, even if it wasn't a positive response, doesn't it? I have my first one taped to my desk where I can see it. Keeps me working.